Salesforce Administration

Learn In-Demand Salesforce skills required all over the world. Practice on projects with help and follow up from live mentors. Prepare to pass the certification exam.

Online learning programme with real teachers who help you to progress

  • Instructor-Led Training

    In the Full Programme you have 2 months with 2 hours of live classes per week. Every lesson is given by your mentor. We provide a live online experience, meaning you will not be alone behind your laptop. The Instructor will follow your progress during the whole educational programme.

  • Certification alignment & Simulation test

    Course aligned with official Salesforce administration: The full course includes all the topics covered in the official Salesforce Exam Guide. You will be prepared to pass Salesforce’s certification exam and complete a simulation test

  • Self learning

    The programme is mixed with live classes and Salesforce’s Trailhead path. You will have a lot of exercises to complete alone. You are able to ask your questions and get support during classes.

  • End of Course Certification

    By the end of the course, you will receive a UniverTop Certification

  • Salesforce Networking

    We are the owners of the Salesforce Network Platform to help companies and candidates meet each other. Today we count 246 members in our Network and will present your work and profile to our members.

  • Practice when you want

    You will have your own Salesforce access, so you can practice anytime you want, to become a real expert

Mélanie Dib

Training is a good balance between theory and practice. It gives us a solid foundation and skills to understand the current environment and future business trends. Real life scenarios are easy to understand and put into practice. The course materials are detailed, well-illustrated, and with concrete examples. My mentor Verolina’s feedback and advice are very valuable as they allow us to avoid beginner’s mistakes and give us a global vision of what can be done with Salesforce.

Course: Salesforce for new admins

Diana Osseyran

I would like to say a big thank you to UniverTop and my personal mentor Verolina Kintop who helped me learn Salesforce administration. The beginning was not easy, but thanks to Verolina’s method of instruction, her organisational skills, ability to put her students at ease and to motivate them when they are stuck, I am able to confidently say today that I am ready to enter the job market as a Salesforce Junior Consultant and offer my services to the businesses in need.

Course: Salesforce for new admins

Kevin Dumarterey

Verolina Kintop is an excellent Salesforce coach who loves to share her skills. She knows how to explain complex concepts and guide us to a self-contained Salesforce. Verolina is also an open person who shares her positive and negative professional experiences in order to show us the real life. Thank you for your work, your generosity, and your good energy.

Course: Salesforce for new admins

Eva Godat

The courses are of excellent quality; customised, rich in content, with follow-up and tips, and always accompanied by supplementary material (links to articles, videos, exercises). My mentor Verolina is passionate and dedicated in her teaching. She did not hesitate to spend time to help me find answers to my questions, some on rather complex matters. Her teaching is clear and fun.

Course: Salesforce for new admins

How It Works

  • 1

    Learn in Live Classes

    Lessons will start on the indicated date. Classes usually start in the evening between 6-8pm (UTC+1h or +2h depending on season). If you work, please explain to your employer that you are about to pass an educational programme, so that you can join live classes with other students. Don't worry if you miss a class, you will receive a replay and be able to work on your own. If you are situated in a different time zone and this time is not appropriate for you, please contact Learning Advisor.

  • 2

    Practice on real projects

    Lessons are based on real projects from companies, so 80% of your time you are going to focus on preparing projects (configure Salesforce, prepare, presentation). By the end of the course, your video presentation is shared with company partners. This presentation will also serve as proof of the work you have realized, you will be able to share it every time you search for a job.

  • 3

    Work with your mentor and career advisor

    Full programme includes a personal mentor who will help you once a week if you are having difficulties. However, there is a lot of self-study so be prepared to spend between 3-5 hours per week to read Trailhead - a guided, learning path throughout the key features of Salesforce.

  • 4

    Work in small groups

    In the full course, you usually work in small groups, so you can help and boost each other to realize projects and stay motivated. There is a maximum of 6 students in one group.

  • 5

    Find a Job

    Even if we can't give you a .100% guarantee that you will find a. job immediately after finishing this program, we do the best e can to help you. We share your project presentation with our network, we help you to adjust your CV to the market, give you tips for the interview and also teach you how to automate job application or better prospect to find a contract

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Certificat of Completion

an official certificate that confirms that you successfully completed a Salesforce Administrator Course at Univertop

Meet our team

We’re an international team of Salesforce experts, administrators and developers providing training in both English and French languages.

  • Christian Lan Pin Wing

    I've been working for different types of companies and always enjoying managing Salesforce implementation projects. In project management, communication takes one of the main roles and as an administrator you need to learn how to communicate with users in a daily basis. I will be happy to share my skills with you.

  • Verolina Kintop

    Salesforce definitely changes lives. People who jump into Salesforce find jobs, move to other countries, see their pays raised, become freelancers. In Paris, Salesforce freelancer may get about 600-700 euros per day ! I created this program to help people to improve their career in better way and become in-demand in the professional market.

  • Sarah Chalah

    I am an experienced Salesforce developer with 5 certifications. Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Certified Administrator. I will get you through both technical and functional Salesforce World

Pick your plan

We currently have 3 different plans which allow you to discover the programme, take the first steps or enjoy the full experience. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need us to create a customised programme for you.

  • Prepared to be certified (French Version)

    Full preparation with questions and video explanations to get ready for an exam ADM 201 & ADX
    • Questions and videos by email every day
    • Videos, Exercices Paths
    • Certification QCM ADM 201 + ADX
  • 10 days crash course

    For small teams
    • Live virtual classes
    • Training hours: 10 hours
    • 2 Projects
    • Simulation test
    • Personal path and homework
    • Final project video-presentation sharing with companies partners
  • 2 month Full Programme

    • 16 hours of Live virtual classes (small groups)
    • 4 Projets & 2 simulation tests
    • Personal Path and Homework
    • CV adapting for IT market
    • Job interview preparation help
    • Final project video-presentation sharing with companies partners
    • Career advices & LinkedIn boost
We are here to help you to choose the right learning path depending on your goals.

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