Global Salesforce Experts Network

Salesforce Network is the recruitment marketplace that matches Salesforce professionals with companies. No % for headhunting, No fees on freelancer daily rates, you pay only if a candidate accepts the interview.

Your advantages

We are searching to become an HR partner rather than a subcontractor, so we thought about every tiny thing you might need in your recruitment process. 😊

  • One Community

    Of Salesforce professionals searching for a job or freelance contract in Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada and also remotely.
  • 3 candidates in 24 H

    We connect you with three candidates interested in professional opportunities and whose skills correspond to your job offer.
  • Employer Branding

    Our copywriters present your offer in an attractive way and in all European languages.
  • No hidden fees

    You don't pay any recruitment fees.
  • No intermediaries

    You receive directly all candidatures without any intermediaries. As we said our prices are 100% transparent.
  • 3 in 1

    Post up to 3 jobs offers for one unique price.

4 Simple Steps

Our team is here to help you in every stage of your recruitment process. 💪

  • First Free Interview To Better Understand Your Needs, Values, Culture and Mission.
  • We write job descriptions in an attractive way, showing the positive change your company makes, projects on which professional are going to work, team to work together.
  • Sourcing. Your job offer is shared with the community, you get direct responses or you can leave us to manage the short-listing for you.
  • Congratulations, you found your expert! If you have very specific needs and still haven’t found your rare pearl, don’t panic ! Your job offer is visible for the entire month or you may hire our head-hunters ready to for a chase.

Ready To Hire Salesforce Experts?

It is always better to have a choice

You can choose between posting your announcement thought the community or find Salesforce professional on the comission-based model. We never hide the real price we charge, we don't push members of our community to lie about their salary. Everything is transparent.

  • Contact available candidates

    Every week we select candidates who are looking for new Salesforce opportunities and ready for a new job or freelance contract. Just you subscribe and get started!
  • Find Rare Pearl With Head-Hunting Services

    Need personalised services to find your pearl? Your personal Recruiter will help you to find what you need with 1to1 approach.

You Ask — We Tell

Find your answers or contact us directly if you have any additional questions.

  • What is Univertop Platform?

    We are not really a recruitment agency neither a marketing agency, but we are polyvalent media experts with the aim of employer work branding and helping companies to source thought professional communities.

  • What if selected candidates doesn’t correspond to my need?

    We verify the most important skills the candidate has to offer. It can be, for example, an experience with Apex and VisualForce, languages knowledges and 3 years of experience. Then we search for candidates with the same skills in our database. Of course, we will ask you to be realistic. If you are searching for someone who speaks 5 languages, knows how to code and 10 years of experience as a Salesforce Project Manager someone, please manage your expectations.

  • What type of Content You Create for Employer Branding?

    We create written content, videos and photos. But first of all we are social entrepreneurs. We know that in a candidate-driven market people are searching not only for pay cheques but also for companies who make a profit as well as a difference. Our role is to help companies to communicate their meaning, purpose and improve the way they conduct business.

  • What if you don’t have talents who match my requirements?

    You have 24 hours to check it. But, you have two ways of finding your talent with our services; first is by receiving our selection and the second is to receive candidates directly after the publication announcement. If still, you need some help, ask for head-hunting services.

  • How many applications we may possibly receive after publishing of announcement?

    It depends a lot on your project or job offer, but it is very difficult to predict the number. Senior Experts are very want more project oriented and meaningful jobs with tangible results. They are searching for companies and projects with a real mission, willing to change things. Our role is to help you to communicate in a better way to show the value to your future candidate. Our community grows every day and we push new notifications daily, you have a great chance to find what you are looking for. If still you are not satisfied with the service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find the right solution.

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